Dress Uniform

The dress uniform is worn at special events such as the Conference Rally, Conference Camporee and the Investiture ceremony. It provides identification and acknowledgement of classes completed, events attended and stars, diamonds or awards that they have achieved. The dress uniform consists of the following items:

  1. Navy blue skirt, skort, trousers or shorts (no leggings).
  2. White top with emblems attached as follows:
  3. Adventurer sash, scarf and woggle
  4. Stars, diamonds and awards should be placed on the sash starting from the top front, and event patches placed on the back.
  5. School shoes (or other tidy black shoes) with white socks.

The highlighted items can be purchased from the Adventist Book Centre at Epping, or from their online shop.

Field Uniform

This uniform is worn at club meetings and some Conference events. The uniform allows us to be identified as the Castle Hill Adventurer Club. The field uniform is made up of the following items:

  1. Red club polo shirt
  2. Black skirt, skort, trousers or shorts (no leggings)
  3. Sneakers/runners to be worn with this uniform

Club polo shirts can be purchased as part of your online registration.